Yamato Vergil Japanese Katana ''Devil May Cry Sword Replica''

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Highlights a Carbon steel sword cutting edge which offers an artificial Hamon (altered line) line and a plant sharp edge. The clean metal shading cast metal tsuba (monitor) offers a mind-boggling plan while the kashira (butt cap) includes a mythical beast plan. The Tsuka (handle) is wrapped utilizing customary Ito (interlace) with light blue cotton material. This is the Devil May Cry Sword Replica. The Saya (casing) includes a dull dark wrap-up with metal shading cast metal casing mouth and casing tip. The Seago (string) on the sheath is made to rise above the nylon strip displayed in Devil May Cry. This blade will finish your Devil May Cry assortment.

Vergil sword Details:

Generally Length: 41 inch
Cutting edge Length: 26 3/4 inch
Handle Length: 11 inch
Cutting edge Thickness: 4mm
Cutting edge Width: 2.5mm
Casing Material: Wood with Black Finish