About Us

About Us 

Swordsknife offers you most wanted Movie Swords, fantastic Anime Swords, beautiful Fantasy Swords, adventurous Buster Sword, historical Medieval Swords, Ninja Katana Swords for martial arts, unique Ceremonial Swords for display, knives, daggers and axes for hunting and cutting, supportive shields for protection of best quality at reasonable and affordable price. 

Why Choose Us 

At our store we facilitate our customers with everything they want. We accept the custom designing on blades everything the custom wants.  

We offer A Free Shipping Policy at the cost of $499. If you buy the products and the price reaches $499 and more than it, you will not be charged fo 

24/7 Support 

Our services are 24/7. Just send us an E.Mail for your selective product. 

30 Days Returns 

On dissatisfaction, we offer you a choice of return and exchange within 30 Days of receipt. This will only happen when the product is inside its original packing and unused.