Momochi Naruto Zabuza Sword for sale Kubikiribocho Replica Blade

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Zabuza's blade unmistakable weapon was the Kubikiribocho, a larger than usual broadsword, whose shape was remembered to execute foes. This huge Zabuza Sword weapon has the extraordinary capacity to retain and utilize the iron from all the blood it sheds, from whoever it cuts, to change itself whenever harmed or broken. Zabuza cosplay was an expert in its utilization, being fit for dispatching various foes with a couple of slices, and asserting that his blade "never cut a subsequent time", suggesting to have killed countless individuals with a Zabuza's sword solitary assault.

Sabuza's Sword detail:

Small scale imitation of Zabuza momochi sword from the anime series Naruto. 93 cm. Carbon steel edge.
Accompanies nylon sheath with ties. 2.3kg.