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The Uruk-Hai is the army of Wizard Saruman who is the right hand of Sauron. Saruman breeds Urks by men and orcs. They use scimitar for defense. They attacked the fellowship of the Ring and captured Marry and Pippen, the companions of Frodo. They can fight day or night but orcs can only fight at night time. The overall length of this uruk sword is 31 inches. The construction of this Uruk hai armor is stainless steel. At the end of the blade, uruk hai scimitar tip is curved. The handle is attractively leather-wrapped. A lovely wooden wall plaque is attached to this Uruk hai scimitar for display purposes. 


Overall Length: 31" Inches 
Handle: Leather Wrap 
uruk hai armor for sale
uruk hai scimitar for sale
Comes with a Beautiful Wooden Wall Plaque