Kaigaku 41 inch Zisu Sword Demon Slayer

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Kaigaku is the fictional character in the anime series Demon Slayer. He first appears as a demon slayer in the series and a powerful competitor of Zenitsu. He can use the 2nd to 6th forms of thunder with his Samurai sword, such as Lightning ball, swarming mosquito thunder, distant thunder, heat lightning, and electric lightning thunder. As he is a mean and selfish person in his childhood, he becomes a demon by transferring blood to his body. He merged two powers together, the breath of thunder and blood demon arts. When he hits his enemy with his sword, the skin of the opponent changes its color and starts to burn the skin. He takes the rank of the upper moon on six of the upper twelve moons, after taking part in demon meets with Muzan. The white color makes an artistic look to this sword. 


Approx. 41 inch sword by and large length with casing 
Edge Length: 26.8 Inches 
Handle: 10 .5 Inches 
Edge: Thickness 4 MM 
Handle: Wood Handle Wrapped W/White Rope 
Guard: Fitting: Zinc Alloy Guard 
Casing Wood With White Painting 
carbon steel ornamental edge ordinary Sharp