Zombie Slayer Sword ''Zombie Katana'' High Carbon Steel Full Tang

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The most beautiful and attractive tang Zombie Katana sword is Blood Red Zombie Slayer. It is good looking at first sight. It is made up of high carbon steel. Actually, Zombies are a disease that is spread due to a virus (it is fictional). The people who are affected due to this disease are deadly. The sword that is used to kill these deadly people is called Zombie Slayer. The color of its blade is black. Two words “Zombie Slayer” are printed on the blade in an artistic way. These words are also printed on the hardwood stand beautifully. The hardwood stand for the decoration and display purpose is free with this sword. The overall length of this Zombie killer sword is 40.5 inches. The nylon cord is used to decorate the handle and also the cover. Between the handle and the blade, there is a beautiful sign.  


Overall Length: 40.5 Inches (in scabbard), 38 Inches (out of scabbard) 
Blade Length: 27.75 Inches 
Blade Material: High carbon steel 
Blade Thickness: 6 mm 
Handle Length: 10 Inches 
Handle Material: Hardwood, Ray skin, Nylon cord wrap, Dual bamboo pegs  Includes: Black sword bag, Leather-wrapped hardwood scabbard (saya), Hardwood sword stand, Zombie Slayer emblem on blade